• "Good Faith, Care, and Loyalty to Our Client's Best Interest" ®

  • "All Fiduciaries are not the same. CFF ® is the Standard of Excellence."

  • "Good Faith, Care, and Loyalty to Our Client's Best Interest" ®

Why Become A Certified Financial Fiduciary®?

There has never been a more relevant or crucial time to get a professional designation than right now. The financial services industry is changing once again and like it or not, the fiduciary standard is here to stay. Now is your chance to stay one step ahead by gaining the fiduciary knowledge needed to protect yourself, your practice, and your clients. Register for this course today and become a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF).

About Us

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. NACFF was created to provide all the information, tools, and resources needed for financial professionals to ensure they are compliant with the new rule.


Become A CFF

To qualify for the CFF® certification, use the CFF® designation, and to become a member of the NACFF individuals must meet these stringent requirements.


Code of Conduct

As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, one must agree to uphold the highest moral, ethical and fiduciary standards of service when providing advice to potential or existing clients.



latest news


What the 5th Circuit decision doesn't do

The ruling doesn't apply to services, so investment management services for retirement plans and IRAs remain fiduciary activities


SEC offers advisers amnesty to move clients out of high-fee mutual fund share classes

Enforcement division giving advisers until June 12 to declare intentions to self-report fiduciary violations and make financial restitution


DOL Rule Still the Top Regulatory Concern for Advisors

The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule remains the top regulatory concern of financial advisors for 2018, even if its new full implementation date is 18 months away.

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All fiduciaries are not the same. CFF is the standard of Excellence.